NameVehicle Salesystem Customizer
Size0.01 MB
DescriptionThis mod allows you to adapt the used goods trade to your needs. You can configure the following properties of the used goods trade: - Maximum possible discount (can be deactivated) - Maximum number of offers - Maximum number of new offers - Probability with which new offers will emerge - Probability with which machines sold will be taken over into the used goods trade - Minimum and maximum duration of the availability of offers - Minimum value of machines that may appear in the used goods trade The properties can be edited in the settings.xml. The following properties are preset: The maximum possible discount is 15%. The likelihood that new offers will be created is increased. (doubled) The duration for which offers are available is increased. (2 - 2.5 Tage) The number of offers possible at the same time has increased. (10) The number of offers occurring at the same time has increased. (50) All machines sold are used in the used goods trade. The maximum possible discount relates to a configurable maximum value (NewMaxDiscount). If the game creates a new offer with a random discount, the discount will be proportioned based on the new maximum discount. With a maximum possible discount of 15%, all offers from the used goods trade will have a discount of between 1% and 15%.