NameExhaust Extension
AuthorVector Man
Size0.02 MB
DescriptionThis script adds a realistic smoke particle effect to all vehicles. The intensity depends on the engine load and the following situations: - Turning on the engine - Delimbing or cutting a tree - The damage value is high Modders can overwrite values for their vehicles like the overall intensity of the smoke or individual factors and thresholds. Please read the README.txt in order to do this. Changelog - Removed an error that occurred mainly when using Exhaust Extension on dedicated servers Changelog - The default exhaust effect can now be activated and deactivated in the game settings for all vehicles. This avoids unwanted graphic effects caused by overlapping. - New for modders: with the "NodeOffset" attribute, you can define an offset of the particle system from the default exhaust effect. Changelog (HOTFIX): - Removed an error that appeared when leaving the game Changelog - Removed LUA callstack that appeared when the script couldn't find the default exhaust effect in some vehicles - Corrected a syntax error in the XML part of the README.txt