NameSeppi M Multipla S9
AuthorBlackEyes Modding
Size18.24 MB
DescriptionThe new model, designed on the basis of the SEPPI S9 mulchers series, is one of the largest hammer mulchers compliant with the road transport code on the market. The "S9 multipla" consists of 3 hammer mulchers and reaches a working width of 8 meters in this combination. The areas of application are mainly large areas, such as agricultural land, airports and uncultivated land. The special arrangement of the rotor and counter blades allows a perfect working result, both for corn and for any other type of grain. The stalks are cut at the base and minced thoroughly, thus preventing parasite infestation. Thanks to a special arrangement of the rollers, the S9 multiple machine works exactly close to the ground without touching it. In the presence of a high stock with abundant green content, eg. intermediate sowing, the SEPPI S9 multiple mulcher is designed to require the least possible power. By shredding the material with this technology a very high performance is achieved by efficiently covering a large area - 8 m. S9 Base - Working width: 2.75 m - Required power: 100 CV - Price: 7000 $ Hitch type configuration: rear, front or both. S9 Multipla - Working width: 8 m - Required power: 150 HP - Price: 42000 $ Design configuration for both models: old color (red-yellow) or new color (red-black). Changelog Fixed some bugs. Added 2d or 3d chains configuration. Visual improvements. Added new model: S9 200 base for use in rows of orchards and vineyards.