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DescriptionDAF XG+ The DAF XG + offers the versatility you are looking for in your job! Whether on the road or on uneven terrain, with the DAF you are always in control. With numerous configuration options, there is definitely something for everyone. General Price: 105,000€ - 132,795€ Max. Power: 530PS Top speed: 83 km / h Weight: 9.4t Functions - Air suspension - 100 colors for customization - Numerous configurations - Illuminated interior Configurations - Interior color - Interior lighting - Horn - Door handle - Side panel - Fender cover - LED logo - Tank - Sun visor - Bed linen - Poppy - Lamp bracket - Engine version - Beacon - Side mirrors - Base color - Design color - Grill color - Logo color - Rim color - License plate and more !Important! - If you want to use Simple IC, you need the Simple IC Script! - If you want to use Autoload, you need the Autoload Script! important information - Editing and uploading the mod on other sites is NOT allowed! - Model: BD_Modding, Giants, SCS - Texture: BD_Modding, Giants, SCS - Functions: BD_Modding, Giants - Additional parts: MXND, BD_Modding, Giants - Scripts: Paint-a-Farm ______________________________________ Updates / changelog V1.0.0.0 Release V1.1.0.0 - Added BDF chassis - Light cones now glow even with low graphics settings - Added new color palette - AttacherJoints schema revised - Added mud flap configuration - Turn signals are now animated in the dashboard - Added blinker configuration - Removed license plate as this causes the following message: Unpopulating RenderTextureController as a RenderOverlay is in use by the GUI - Added Angles Morts configuration - Added warning sign configuration V1.2.0.0 - Added license plate configuration - Fixed chassis designation - Fixed daytime running lights - Fixed static and dynamic indicators - Added Simple IC (Simple IC is required! V1.3.0.0 - Lift axle can now be adjusted with CTRL+Z - Lift axle is now rigid when it is up - Control for warning signs revised - Reworked control for bumper - Added hitch configuration - Added color configuration for side mirrors - Faucet now glows when the light is on - Shop description revised - Added DAF XG with Krone Profiliner body - Lamp bar configuration extended - New shop icons - Added 6x4 chassis
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