NameProduction Revamp
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DescriptionProduction Revamp-Script Revamp reworks the internal production system, expands it and adds various functions. Revamp itself is the basic script mod, but also independently extends productions with additional comfort functions. A selection of features: Automatically available for all productions: * Automatic line break in recipe display for input and output page (4 ingredients per line). * A colored display of the recipes makes it easier to see why a production is not producing. Where: white - available, red - not available but required, orange - not available and not required. * Possibility to buy goods in the production menu for a production for double the market price. * Priority system: Incoming goods can now be set to different priorities via the production menu and will be distributed based on these priorities. The following applies: Priority 1 is most important and will get the goods first until the warehouse is full. Priority 2 only afterwards, etc. Inputs can also be deactivated, in which case they will not receive any deliveries. * Only active production lines can be supplied via the distribute mode. * New output mode available: Sell Directly, Distribute, Outsource (Previously Keep) and Swap In (New). If a production is set to storage, it does not automatically spawn pallets. * Added manual pallet, bale and wood spawner - All productions with pallet spawner can also manually spawn pallets and bales - via the menu or a trigger. * Production delivery costs are now reported separately (previously part of production costs). * Productions that are mission objectives can accept unlimited goods from missions until the mission is completed. Mission goods no longer end up in the production itself during missions. * Display of the maximum storage quantities and the corresponding units. * Sort productions alphabetically and filter by active/inactive. * In the case of productions, it is displayed whether they are running in parallel (II) or distributed (Y). * Own settings menu. Must be actively installed in productions: Recipes: * Recipes can be created with several equal ingredients in groups (maximum 5). * Multiple production lines that previously had to be created separately can be combined into one production line. * Ability to add one or more optional boosters that increase Outgoing Production. * Boosters can be disabled or reversed for individual goods. * Display of the real current production depending on the booster. The current booster value is shown in orange brackets after the amount. * Ability to create recipes via FillTypeCategories. * Possibility of weather dependent productions. * Possibility of weather-dependent filling levels. Depiction: * Possibility to install displays on productions that can show the current level in the warehouse. Also possible with pure bearings. * Possibility to display objects depending on the fill level, e.g. pallets in a production warehouse. Also possible with pure bearings. * Warehouses can also be provided with a spawn script that can be used to spawn bales and pallets. Other features: * New FillTypes can be entered via Revamp at existing sales points without actively changing the existing sales points. A separate point of sale is no longer required. * Hidden productions with autostart function. * Various setting options for the above functions. * All fully multiplayer capable. * Own ingame help that explains the most important features of the mod. * AND AND AND A full list of options, installation help and support is available from the Documentation: This is just the script, the script alone does not change any production recipes! These must be created separately. Changelog: (Full changelog can be found in the documentation) Version 1.3 * Translations outsourced to separate files and new translations: Swedish and Russian. * Silo/Production spawn can now choose to spawn as bales, pallets or logs depending on what is available on the map. The selection is only displayed if there are several options. * "Store wood" is now displayed for a silo/production instead of "Sell wood". * Added game settings * Correction of the purchase prices based on the economy settings (can be deactivated in the settings) * The selling price factor for direct sales from productions can be set * Changed bales from mods can now also be spawned * Bales are now displayed sorted by size when swapping out * Added conditional outputs * Production dependent on temperature, wind, sun, rain, season and opening hours * Enables fill levels depending on temperature, sun, rain and wind * Made color of silage bales selectable * Made production lines that are inactive/active hideable * Added ingame help Version * Fixed the Broken Limit Breaker * fix time scale bug in fill levels depending on temperature, sun, rain and wind Version * Fixed object fill level with one object * Optimized distribution calculation * Fixed bug with the new production modes Version * Swap dialogues now with 1/10 steps * When swapping out seedlings, all tree species available in the standard seedling palette can be selected. * Fix for interaction with Pumps N' Hoses DLC Version * Fix for interaction with Pumps N' Hoses DLC (Dedi) * Fix for Seasonal Productions Version * Fix for Priorities and Pumps N' Hoses DLC Version * Fix with new productions and Pumps N' Hoses DLC+ Version * Add PL translations * Filltype dependent store items added Version * Bugfix autostart and weather dependent productions/filltypes * preselected priorities * buyfactor can be changed * production mode monthly * modes for mix-groups * displays can change color depending from filllevel * production modes can be used together * silage bales from m+ are now spawned with foil Version * fix for patch 1.8.1 Version * Using filltypes for spawnplaces fixed Version * Production modes individually adjustable for production lines Version * Removed RevaSP Version * Compatibility with Silverrun Forest/Platinum Shipyard and Coaster Version * Fixed a bug with production line modes * Fixed usage of wood trigger with no activation trigger * Fixed a bug with production lines using same filltype multiple times Version * rename mod icon to match new guidlines * replace Ampersand sign in XML texts for better display