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DescriptionCourseplay FS22 Courseplay takes the AI worker to the next level. Sow, harvest and plow smarter: - use headlands - work on irregularly shaped fields, not just rectangles - work around islands in the field (like power lines) - save auto-generated courses to use a forage wagon to collect what a mower or harvester cut before - find and collect or wrap all bales on a field - work on vines - let up to 5 helpers work on the same field in a group - combines find a trailer to self-unload when full - unload combines with trailer or auger wagon - set up your own fields wherever you like - works great together with AutoDrive, let Courseplay do the fieldwork and AutoDrive to refill a sower or unload a forage wagon - customize the automatically created fieldwork courses to your liking with the course editor - work in bunker silo to push and compact For more information, help, and report issues please visit GitHub. Many thanks to our translators and to our community for reporting bugs, giving us feedback and great ideas. Changelog - Goeweil pack bug fix for the stationary baler with the Courseplay hud. - Gui fix for non valid Courseplay vehicles and disables the hud, while sitting in an attached vehicle (e.g. mobile Wood Crane). - Disables a few hotspots, while drawing a field border. - Disables shield raising while driving into the silo for now. - Add option for Fieldwork to send the driver back to the first waypoint after the work is finished. - Bug fix for mods with invalid capacities. - Added a global setting to enable/disable harvesting while it's raining. - Bug fixes and improvements for plows and balers. - Some more small fixes and improvements. Changelog - added bunker silo mode and combine unloader mode. - the remaining time for fieldwork is now displayed on the HUD. - support for Universal Autoload. - option to show the current course on the mini map. - user setting to change between feet and meters. - simple collision avoidance for unloaders to not crash into the combine. - option (keybinding) for course editor to delete all waypoints until the end. - new course visibility option (blue eye icon) to show everything between the leading 20 and last 5 passed waypoints. - help menu sections for unloading combines and compacting/pushing in a bunker silo. - countless fixes and improvements. Changelog - Updated mod description - Added missing translation files, so every language supported by the game can be edited now. - Added new course editor for fieldwork courses and custom field borders (more information in the help menu). - Improved the interface for the auto load mod: FS22_aPalletAutoLoader. - Arcusin Multipack F14 now unloads the compacted bales on the field. - Some more fixes and enhancements. - Vermeer DLC compatibility. Changelog - initial ModHub Release - Added vine fieldwork - The hud is easier to use and a separate gamepad hud was added. - Ingame help menu extended with Courseplay topics - Complete new course manager integrated into the ingame menu. - Works now great with AutoDrive, let Courseplay take care of the field work and use AutoDrive to transport your harvest. For a complete changelog please visit our Release page on GitHub.
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