NameDynamic Mission Vehicles
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DescriptionThis mod improves the selection of the mission vehicles. It also make sure, that custom fruits gets the correct tools. It enables missions for every fruit type which has mission vehicles assigned. For missions with earth fruits, the Multi Fruit Harvester Pack provides vehicles that can detect which earth fruits are installed on a map. The vehicles from the pack are offered as mission vehicles. In the folder sdk you can find instructions on how to prepare your map for this mod. For support and enhancement requests please open an issue over on Github. Changelog: V1.0.1.0 - moved harvesting vehicles into separate mod and added it as a dependency V1.1.0.0 - added support for mission vehicles from mod folder and dlcs V1.1.0.1 - fixed a bug when using a mission vehicle from the modFolder and the missionVehicles.xml is inside the map V1.2.0.0 - Now the only factor that determines a earth fruit is the fruit preparation. Exception: Sugarcane - filename-Entries in the missionVehicles.xml are now consistent again with the standard structure. To use Modvehicles, add a tag with the modname to the entry
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