NameDeutz-Fahr Series 6TTV HD / 7TTV / 8TTV
Size29.96 MB
DescriptionDeutz-Fahr Series 6TTV HD / 7TTV / 8TTV Prices: Series 6: 212500$ Series 7: 221500$ Series 8: 236000$ -6230TTV (230hp) -7250TTV + 7250TTV HD (250hp) -8280TTV (280hp) Changelog Hotfix *Applyed Patch 1.2 changes *Fixed Fault with wrong Indoor Huds on Patch 1.2 Changelog *Corrected some Model faults *Fixed some flickering decals in the interior *Replaced Wheel Weights with original Deutz Weights *Added SimpleIC for: Door Left, Top Window, Back Window, Beacon Lights and Warning Signs (Mousecontrol can be configurated for Door Left, Top and Back Window) *Added Configuration: Beacon Lights *Back fenders and warning signs are now standalone configurations and not depending on tires anymore *Added Lights to the Mirror which go on when the Door Left is open *Interior Light Color is now white *The Warrior Versions now by default have LED Headlights *Added ISARIA Compact Pro (Precision Farming DLC) Changelog !!INFO!! You may need to reconfigurate allready existing Vehicles in Savegame! *Removed 7230 Engineconfiguration and added in 6230 TTV HD which is a standalone buyable tractor *Replaced SimpleIC by Interactive Control *Added support for Kubota DLC Passenger function *Added Configuration for Steeringwheel *Added Configuration for Positionlights on Series 7 *Replaced Rims with new Models + Added Rimcolorconfiguration *Corrected Color and Material Values for Mat and Javagreen *Overhauled Tirekonfigurations on Series 7 *Added Continental Communaltires + BKT Narrow Tires *Series 7 TTV and TTV HD now have different fueltank visuals + Added Fueltank Config to Series 8